Working at CPW

There’s a fun, family feel here. We’re the polar opposite of a corporate business. And we love what we do – helping people connect with the technology that’ll make their lives better.

It stands to reason that we want our own people to be good at doing that, and make it easy for them to do well. We don’t drown them in paperwork or needlessly complicated processes. At the same time, we’re in the business of being big and getting bigger, and all of us contribute to that.

There’s a lot more to it, of course. You’ll find it all here.

Our deal with you

Some organisations call this their employee value proposition, or EVP. We prefer the term “Deal”. In other words, what we offer people like you, and what you bring us in return.


Learning & development

At Carphone Warehouse we know that everyone has the capacity to learn and grow. We don’t believe in just giving a world class service to our customers, we think that should be the same for our employees too. From in-depth product training to improving soft skills and management development you can look forward to a wealth of learning opportunities that will equip you with the skills and confidence to help us create a Connected World.


Work / Life balance

Everyone wants a balance in their working life and their personal life. We’ve got a few ideas in place, from making up for working late, to a quick game of pool, that make sure you get the combination you want.


Rewards & benefits

You may have worked out that people like you are really valuable to us. We reward passion and enthusiasm with a big range of benefits, even some that other retailers don’t do. You’re helping turn us into a bigger business, and this is just part of the way we say thanks.

Making a change to our communities

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our company conscience. It’s about improving the quality of life of colleagues and customers as well as caring for our connected world in a way that’s sustainable. It should be a part of our everyday thinking – from how we plan, work and buy, to the way we socialise and travel. It’s about being responsible in everything we do. For the business, CSR is about showing customers we’re on their side so they know we’re doing what we can to make their experience a great one and protecting our planet at the same time.